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Wire Harness for Under 120W LED Lights

Work for 12V DC
Work For GLARE all 30~50" LED Light bars
Wire size 16AWG
One Deutsch Connector
Sealed Inline Fuse Holder
With Waterproof 12V&24V Switch
LED Signal Switch on/off
Features: .Deutsch Connector
.Sealed Inline Fuse Holder
.With Waterproof Switch
.Watts:work under 120W GLARE LED LIGHTS
.Fuse Draw:40A
.Flame retardant PVC wire
.Work temprature:-20 °c to 125°c

. wiring harness is designed to connect 1pcs LED light
.Work on 12V electrical system
.Sealed inline fuse holder,

.With 12V relay,
.Waterproof switch.
.Beautiful Plastic plackage

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