Frequently Asked Questions

How durable are GLARE LED lights?

GLARE LED LIGHTS work on Vehicle LED light system since 2008
GLARE have Die-casting mould design Engineer and Injection Plastic etc.
GLARE Die-casting housing body make self
GLARE Powed coat Housing and bracket self
GLARE Machining housing and other parts self
GLARE SMT LED's and other parts self
GLARE CNC Housing and other parts self
We don't let light main parts out productions,only the LED's imprt from USA CREE !

What is the difference between GLARE MADE than USA MADE

Quality Control:
.GLARE quality can compare with USA made
.Import USA made LED's ,CREE LED's we used
.Import IC ,IC is LED's design heart,Good quality IC Drive more long life
.8 hrs aging test the LED lights each one then ship 
.Waterproof test each light
.Power test each light,difference work data will control then ship
.Hardware and mount bracket use 304 Stainless steel,Rusty away GLARE LED LIGHTS.

Customer Service:
.GLARE customer representative are passionate about light production progess step,
are trained to answer any questions you have from them
.7*24 hrs Free contact online,we have daytime and night time difference customer service
team,so here no time difference with us.we can answere your question on time.
.Offer CUSTOMS YOUR LIGHT service,FREE design mould for customers light
.Offer Delivery Door to Door  shipping service to your consumers service

Price Compare:
.GLARE offer lowly  price than USA made,but quality slimar
.Offer best possible for your market
.We check our competition regularly and strive to make our products affordable to people of any age or profession.

What is the difference between the Spot ,Flood,and Combo?

.Spot beam light up more far,such as vehicle high beam.We offer light have 8 degree, 25 degree,30 degree style
.Flood beam Light up close,such as Vehile low beam .We offer light have 45 degree,60 degree style etc.....
.Combo Beam is Spot and Flood beam mix,such as Some vehicle same time on high+low beam .This beam
more well on Drive.This beam more popular by Driver.

Why Choose CREE LEDs ,not Epistar LEDs light?

Why CREE vs. Epistars
CREE and Epistar are the type of Chip / Driver that is used inside the
LED bulb. The difference is simple…quality! They are ALL manufactured
overseas. CREE is based in the USA, designed in the USA and set the
standards for the HIGHEST Quality LED! CREE is by far the leading
innovator of lighting-class LED’s…period! This is why their prices are
much higher then other brands, but they do last much longer.
CREE: 100,000 hour Life Expectancy
Epistar: 30,000 hour Life Expectancy

Epistar LEDs are made in Taiwan and them sell Chip to others package.
 will have a very good perfermance at the first stage being lighted on.
Its brightness is roughly 30% less than an equivalent CREE chip.
However, that is only a lie. After 1000hrs,you will find the truth. They will fade.
The warmwhite color is changed to an ugly color, because the bad fluorescent
powder being used when package.

CREE LEDs is not a class compare with Epistar.Cree on high power LEDs
if top ones,heat cool,work tempature,work lumens all more than Epistar.

On Market a frake CREE leds just use Epistar chips,so you will know what
you will choose.

CREE LEDs its we use on our lights!

Welcomed to Contact your local dealer / distributor for more information about this and other high quality LED lighting products and accessories!

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